My plans were this, but Oh NO, NOT even close. . .

You know the feeling, today was one of my much anticipated annual events, looked forward to all year!   The annual Maymont Herbs Galore & More extravaganza.  Last year I was a vendor along with my mother.  I was selling my totes along with totes by my BFF Beth.  My mother makes fabulous concrete leaves.  Just look at the link for pictures of her fabulous leaves.

This year I was just back to shop, I LOVE this event!  Fabulous plants, herbs, honey, crafts, all in a beautiful setting in Richmond, VA.  Richmond is only about 75 miles west of Hampton.  An easy peasie drive.  Well, just as I pulled into Richmond my tire pressure warning light came on.  OK, no biggie, just meant that I needed to find an air pump and top off the tires before heading back home.  SO I THOUGHT………

The plant sale was FABULOUS!!



Just outstanding weather, sunny and hot (I love it!).  So many great plants.  I always find something new and different as well as the best selections of herbs ever! 

But on my second trip back to the car to unload plants, this was my discovery:


Well, I have to say that I was not a happy camper.  I have managed to go 47 years without ever changing a tire, and where is mrpeachez when you need him!    While I am a delicate flower, I also pride my self on independence.  So dang it, I will change this tire! 

With the help of a good Samaritan, the tire was changed to the spare. 

I wasn’t comfy about driving home to Hampton on the spare and since it needed to be dealt with, I drove around and around Richmond looking for a tire place.  Finally settled on Firestone and really, I was lucky to even be seen at all on a walk in basis on a busy Saturday afternoon. SOOOOOOOO, finally at 5pm I drove away in my 4 shiny new tires!   OK, my tires had 55,500 miles on them so it was time!  AND, I have  a good 1500 hundred miles planned in trips for the next two work weeks. 

BUT, the plot thickens.  Mrpeachez had to work today.  No. 1 daughter had her junior dance tonight.  Shouldn’t have been a problem, right?  OH NO, ten mile backup on I64 between Richmond and Hampton! 

Good news, No 1 got a ride to dinner, came back after and picked up car to drive herself to dance.  She is going stag so she didn’t want to hitch a ride with other dates.  She looks so pretty!

What a beauty!

Alls well that ends well! 

9 thoughts on “My plans were this, but Oh NO, NOT even close. . .

  1. Quite a busy and somewhat frustrating day – glad all turned out OK – and your daughter is so cute!
    Loved all the before and after pics – you certainly have been busy with the paint brushes! Great job!


  2. Well one goog thing is the tire didn’t get flat before you got to the fabulous event or you wouldn’t have got to make 2 trips back to the car with all of your goodies


  3. OH Suzi, I would have to have called AAA. I too am quite independent, and think I could probably change a tire if I HAD to, but I wouldn’t have trusted driving on it to the end of my driveway! Glad all turned out well for you, you smart girl!


  4. I would have freaked out, and then drievn home on the tire rims, because I am a complete idiot. You, on the other hand, are one of the most competent women I know! Good job well done, my friend!~~~XXOO, Beth


  5. Well, I am older than you, my dear, by four years, and I have yet to change a tire. And hope to never do so. That’s why we have cell phones!


  6. Wow, what an ordeal! AAA is a wonderful thing. With all the time that you spend on the road, I am surprised that you are not a member. Your baby is all grown up…she is just lovely. I hope that she had a very good time at the dance. xxoo, Susan


  7. Oh Suzy, what a day!
    Nothing like a flat tire to put a kink in the plans.
    But the plant show looked fun. And there was nice weather for it and your daughter’s dance.
    Kimberly 🙂


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