Full Circle

My blog has come full circle now.  One of my first entries last year when I started this blog was about spring cleaning of my screened porch.

It’s that time of year again and this time we had all hands on deck, a family affair it was.


Daughter No 1 got to swab and daughter No 2 got to vacuum.  Mr Peachez scrubbed down the walls and I washed the walls and all the furniture and all the stuff.  Everything gets washed down with bleach water or hosed off out in the sun. 


I never realized until I had my own screened porch just how dirty it gets.  Dirt, pollen, bugs all filter in through the screening all the time.  So your furniture and decor need cleaning constantly.  But in the spring we do this big clean after the pollen settles down. 

But now it’s done and I LOVE my porch!!  Come on over and sit a spell.





You might notice the couch doesn’t have any cushions.  Well, one certain little naughty terrier has been on the rampage again.  They are in the shop for "repairs".  Wendy!!

After all that hard work, Mr Peachez did one more task for me.  He got the new rain barrels set up and ready for today’s predicted showers.


Did you get your rain barrels yet?      

22 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Hi Suzy,
    It was nice to take a leisurely sit-down break with you on your porch! 🙂 That does look like it would be a lot of work cleaning all that down. I love your little pink footstool and that cute little dollie chair ~ so sweet!!
    Hugs, Bebe 🙂


  2. Super porch! I wish it would ever get warm enough here to warrant having such a porch. 😦 I enjoyed the link back to your old post that included mom’s concrete leaf castings. Most cool! Well, the hard part’s behind you now…enjoy the summer!!


  3. What a lovely porch! I’m soo jealous! Here in NY we only have a fire escape we can sit on as outside space. But just the other day i found out that you can get find $500 if the cops see you sitting there…
    But then again, i don’t need no rain barrels!


  4. I’m a year old too! Well, you know what I mean..my blog is … May 3 was my “blogiversary”. Congrats on your year…
    I am thinking on rain barrels….. still thinking… but, maybe….


  5. Hi Suzy,
    What a wonderful space! I would practically live out there in spring and summer.
    Hey, we started our blogs at the same time…April of last year.
    And here I thought you were a long time pro at this.
    Yours has been great from the “get go”.
    That must be do to your computer saavy and graphic know-how. 🙂
    I showed hubby your rain barrels, he’s gonna see what he can find.
    Kimberly 🙂


  6. Wow, what a wonderful outdoor space you have. I would love to have something like that. Now that’s all cleaned, have fun and enjoy!


  7. Great screened porch – I spent much of yesterday cleaning my gazebo and deck, along with the furniture, ready for outdoor living, yeah! Hate that pollen and it’s really done a job on me these past couple of weeks, yuck!
    Enjoy warm days and fresh Spring breezes.


  8. the Knomes, where are the knomes? Why aren’t they sitting in the freshly scrubbed porch furniture? 🙂 I love the rain barrels…we haven’t had any rain in Ormond in two weeks. Yikes and it’s fire season.


  9. Your porch looks great! That is one feature I wish we had. We do have a back deck though so I’m not complaining. Hubby and I are looking into getting our own rain barrel – question for you – hubby is thinking of contacting our town to see if they may do something similar to your town – do you know if there is a contact in your town that might be able to provide more info for our town manager if he is interested?


  10. Great screened porch, how lucky! But the rain barrels had me laughing…there’s so much rain here in Oregon I don’t think I could ever find enough barrels! Love the idea, though! *Heidi*


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