Virginia Countryside

Last week my travels took me to Hagerstown, MD.  Quite a nice little town and I did manage to pop into a couple of antique malls.  I found some cute figurines for my BFF Beth to use for pincushion focals.

I took the backroads home through Maryland and into Virginia using Route 15 towards Leesburg.  Such beautiful countryside, especially this time of year.

I happened to pass right by an interesting place that I had heard of but had never been too.  I was hot to get on home but I did pop in for a few minutes and snapped a few pictures. 


You can tell by all the cars parked outside that Lucketts Store is a popular place to shop.  The huge porch was a bit crowded with boys just chillin’ while the girls were inside shopping.





This place was HUGE, and the yard was chocked full too.  This will require another trip and a LOT more time!


10 thoughts on “Virginia Countryside

  1. What a fun ‘haunt’…. need lots of room in a van, lots of ‘pin money’ to make all those purchases, and lots of little stops along the way for some really good coffee and of course (!!!) some sweet thing to go with the joe! Wish I lived close…what a great day trip! Luckett’s…whee!


  2. they need a little tea room or coffee shop attached…for the “boys” ..and for the footsore gals when they finish all the shopping!


  3. I would be in heaven shopping in that place. I would probably even spend the grocery money in there. Good thing its a ways away.


  4. You ere in my neck of the woods. I’m about 40 minutes from Lucketts. Next time you are in the “hood” let me know, I’d love you to drop by.


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