One of my top five Thrift Store Scores EVER!

I was just popping into the thrift store this week, ’cause I was driving right by and I had a few minutes to spare.

Remember when I found this at the thrift store in Delaware?

It was an auspicious decision because in the back of the store, on the floor in an old moving box, there it was.  I peeked in the box and saw the red lettering, beginning with a B.  Could it be?  I’ve always dreamed of finding an old Bernina sewing machine, but it wasn’t a sewing machine.


It is a Bernina, a Bernina serger.  I did not know that Bernina even made sergers! 


Now here is the part that will just make you fall over out of that desk chair and onto the floor.  It was $20.00.  I KNOW!

Now when I get an extra month on my hands I will sit down and figure this puppy out! 

10 thoughts on “One of my top five Thrift Store Scores EVER!

  1. good lord! I should have called you when I had an extra day on my hands last week in Hampton. What a great little community you live in, and what great finds! You’re a lucky girl for sure!


  2. A serger? What a great find and a great machine – LOVE mine, don’t use it a whole lot but when you need it – it’s exactly what you need.


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