My New Boyfriend

I’m over the moon, I have a new boyfriend and what a hunk.  He fulfills all my needs like no other before him.  He’s oh so quiet and never gets loud.  He loves all my decorating choices.  He shifts, spins and vibrates.  Ooh la la. 


12 thoughts on “My New Boyfriend

  1. Ahh, the mental comments are racing but I’ll just limit it to he sounds like a keeper and you are sounding a little bit like that crackup gal – i am bossy 😉 – I love it!


  2. I have a new HE washing machine and dryer. I love them both and am very pleased with the job they do. Took me while before I believed things could get clean with so little water and detergent, but I’m a believer now.
    Congrats on the Bernina! If it didn’t come with a guide book, I’m sure the company could provide one. I’ve had a Bernina for years and they’re a great company.
    Have a great weekend and Mother’s Day.


  3. I’m picking up two new guys myself …today….twins as it were…perhaps I’m overdoing it. Hope I can handle them…they are German……


  4. Suzy, as your comments appear to be closed on today’s post – just want to wish you a happy Mother’s Day here – wow! what a bunch of beautiful blondes! I know you are missing your lovely MIL today – but your fond memories of her will always be special.
    Serger was a real find at that price – I actually sold mine (got $100!) as I just couldn’t get the hang of it and gave up – hope you have more patience and can enjoy it.
    Hope the pancakes are yummy – I’m off to a nearby pond – have a need to feed all those ducklings and goslings that have suddenly appeared with their mommies this past week!
    Hugs – Mary.


  5. I love my HE hunk. The best appliance investment I’ve ever made.
    By the way, love your blog.


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