Container Garden of Miniatures

Remember these fabulous gardens in miniature that I saw at my local garden center?  I fell in love with them and have been gathering plants to make my own.  I have a beautiful large cobalt blue planter and I added a japanese maple, a miniature hosta, a dwarf conifer and a small viola.  I’ve been looking around for hardscape elements to add to it and then realized I had the perfect little house right under my nose.  My MIL gave me this cute little ceramic house years ago and I think it works perfectly.  I’m still looking for something else to add, not sure what yet but when I find it I will know it.  It’s looking pretty good so far.


14 thoughts on “Container Garden of Miniatures

  1. how ’bout a tiny troll, elf or fairy of some sort…just outside the doorway? I want to make a little fairy door and work my garden around it …. then… must make me a tiny “person” of some sort too……


  2. What a perfect little fairyland! Such a cute idea – I just love it.
    Wouldn’t it be great to make these with kids for them to learn about gardening too?


  3. I love that little ceramic house and how special that your MIL gave it to you. Your lucky to have had a great one too. I loved mine also.
    Happy belated Mother’s Day!!!


  4. This looks FANTASTIC Suzy, I love it! Reminds me of Hansel and Gretel walking to the cottage in the woods, or Red Riding Hood going to granny’s house!


  5. I love your miniature forest/garden! This is so much more fun (for someone like me anyway) than a bonsai tree that really wants to be outside, but YOU want it inside and it dies… This will be a great thing for you and your kids to enjoy together.
    (P.S. I love your new banner too!)


  6. Aw, that’s so cute! In a way, putting the mini-house on the container makes it seem smaller, especially when it’s next to the plant. It brings a great effect and the whole thing looks very pretty.


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