Busy, busy. . So what else is new

I know, it’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks hasn’t it?  Did you get anything done?   I’ve been burning the midnight oil, sewing up aprons for the feature over at InsipredIdeas.  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, please go over and take a look.  Amy has really outdone herself!  She graciously asked Beth and I to be her InspiredFriends for this issue of her magazine.  Amy does such a beautiful job with her blog and the magazine, it’s fabulous!  Beth came up with the the cutest wreath idea for a do it yourself project.


I made aprons for Amy’s shop and but I wanted to do something new for her so I dug out a stack of vintage hankies that I had scored at an estate sale last year and turned them into cute little cosmetic bags.  I’m on the prowl now for more hankies.


Amy took this picture of this little hankie bag, looks great with the pink and turquoise background.

Copy of IMG_0745 

Copy of IMG_0746

These are just a couple of the aprons that I created for the magazine shop.  This second one has a big ribbon flower on one of the pockets. 

OK, today is a BIG yard sale day.  Many, many neighborhood sales including Olde Wythe.  I’m getting all pumped up on Coke Zero and ready to go, I’ll report in later with my finds.  Ciao.

10 thoughts on “Busy, busy. . So what else is new

  1. Looks like you’ve all outdone yourselves! Everything is divine and I can see why you’ve been sew busy ; ) ! I am behind in everything as well. Mohter’s Day and my B-day set me back a weekend. The hankie bg is ever-sew-sweet, (wow, that would be a great name for a shop or a blog,huh?) I simply adore the apron with the ribbon rose. How creative & talented you are. I will check out the magazine.
    miles of smiles,


  2. Suzy, it seems I am a day late and a $ short!!! I just went to read and see your fab feature as the artist du jour at Inspire Co. Congrats to you and Beth, I loved reading your friendship and how it all began, as well as your business ventures.
    BUT I LOVE that sweet little hanky cosmetic bag you had, and show here. ANY chance at another sweet one with a similar delicate look? I know it
    s a hanky and you may never find another like it, but if you happen onto on close, I’d love to buy it! It is just the cutest thing. I also missed out on the apron of choice. So glad it’s all selling, way to go.


  3. You are such a clever, talented lady! So pretty, using old hankies and giving them new life. I’m going to go check out your friend now. Happy hunting today!


  4. A big Congratulations! to the two of you!
    Love the cute cosmetic bag and Beth’s wreath is so pretty.
    Your works compliment each others so well.
    …off the read your feature…
    Kimberly 🙂


  5. Wow Suzy! I don’t know how she did it but Amy made your stuff look a tad even better. So wonderful that you and Beth were highlighted like that. It’s much deserved. Congratulations!


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