This is Where I Spent My Weekend

Our weather this weekend was as perfect as perfect can be. 

The new patio was completed about a week ago and the grass is just starting to regrow around the perimeter.

I LOVE my new patio.  Come on over and sit a spell.


IMG_0788  IMG_0787


Remember when I showed you the "before" pictures that my husband took around our house just before we purchased it?  Remember this view of the back yard with Champ the dog?

ff back yard 2

Here is the new and improved view of this corner.


Ahhhhh, much better!   

24 thoughts on “This is Where I Spent My Weekend

  1. It looks wonderful!
    Did you do the work yourself? If so, is it hard to do? I’ve been thinking about doing one myself.


  2. That’s an amazing improvement! I love all your blues … they look so pretty with the lush green. Can’t wait to see how your topiary comes out!


  3. That is truly an awesome transformation. Is that a dog topiary Ive spotted? Sweet. Hoping you enjoy many happy and healthy times in your lovely yrd.


  4. This is Oh! so pretty!!! Really nice! May I add it to my blog’s newsletter? I always ask for permission to add anyone to my emails. Please, say yes, would love my friends to see such a beauty and then keep enjoying your blog!


  5. WOW Suzy – what a transformation. I would love to come and sit a while – we’ve had so much rain here in the UK recently….
    Hope you have lots of opportunities to use your lovely new patio!


  6. Beautiful backyard! You guys have done a fantastic job! Hey I just found you by way of your feature on Typepad! Congrats!


  7. What a beautiful backyard! I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to spend a weekend there. It’s all gorgeous!


  8. WOWowowow! What an amazing improvement! It’s so warm and inviting…just beautiful! I’m sure you will have many good times out there, congratulations on a job well done!
    The dog topiary is the BOMB!
    Smiles, Karen


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