Vintage Hankie Bags

I've been working on more little cosmetic bags made from vintage hankies.


They are lined with a pretty floral oilcloth and I have made unique beaded pulls for the zippers.


I'll pop them in my etsy shop soon.  Ciao! 

15 thoughts on “Vintage Hankie Bags

  1. wow…. they just don’t make hankies like that anymore…. or do they and I have never found where they actually sell them?
    All of your bags are beautiful….


  2. Hi Suzy – just read your comment about being in town tomorrow and stopping by SuzAnna’s Antiques. You will love those gals – Susie, Anna and Linda – make sure you tell them you found the shop via my blog.
    I’m going to e-mail you now – prhaps we can get together!


  3. yet another awesome use for the little hankies my husband snickers at me for collectiing. šŸ˜€ Really, he asks me, what if someone ACTUALLY blew there nose in that?? Silly man.


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