High Hopes

I’m all fired up!


I’m on a mission to clean up my chaos of a sewing studio.


Photo originally uploaded by photogirl7

I think you will agree that it is totally out of control!



29 thoughts on “High Hopes

  1. Good Luck Suzy! You’re a brave girl, and you’ll be so happy when it’s done and your creativity flows more easily 🙂 I look forward to the ‘after’ pix


  2. Although I am not a fan of the process, I love the results. My studio is more utilitarian than a style mecca but I love to pour over a studio space book (can’t think of the name and it is too far away to reach but I’ll leave you the title when I think of it). Enjoy!


  3. I just went over to your Flickr site and looked at all your pretties. You do manage to thrive in chaos, dear. Some people do. Some folks can’t deal with it all cleaned up. Stifles the creative flow. I think I just do more organizing than getting anything made. So there’s always the other end of the spectrum…people like me! Yes, you do have a lot of fabric! I’m sort of fabric-oholic myself!
    xoxo, Brenda


  4. Great minds think alike 🙂 Mine looks exactly the same and I soooooo want to get it organized. Alas, it never happens.


  5. welp, I seen worse….an I seen better….
    God Luck. I dread cleaning up mine. Id rather have a root canal !


  6. Mmmmm….maybe a little out of control, but you don’t see me posting any pictures of my attic room, do you? Looks like some great stuff in there!


  7. I know what you can do with your extras 😉 Oh, wait, I just cleaned out my studio and it’s already getting more stuff! Eek! Good luck on your project, my dear friend!~~~XXOO, Beth


  8. Good luck with the tidy-up Suzy! Its so difficult to keep a workroom tidy, isn’t it?
    I’m sure you’ll find some goodies that you had forgotten you had!
    Have a great week,


  9. Sewing room out of control yes, but man you have a sweet stash there! I think I will start in my room this evening also!


  10. LOL…mine stays like that ALL the time, I find that when I clean it up I dont want to do any crafts because I know it will disrupt everything I have done, so I just leave it messy and spend 20 minutes looking for something that isnt where it should be!!


  11. OMGosh!!! It’s a disaster area, LOL!! Look at all those scrumptious fabrics and other goodies—I am dying to poke around in there (shame on me!) Seriously, I try so hard to keep my studio organized and it usually ends up looking just like yours in no time flat! Don’t feel bad….you are just a creative whirlwind!
    Smiles, Karen


  12. I must say it is out of control but in a beautiful way. I have some clearing out to do myself but I am not brave enough to show it.


  13. wow!!
    look at all the yummy fabrics!!
    even though it stinks to clean i bet you will find things you had forgotton all about.
    have fun.
    thanks for stopping by.


  14. I am loving your vintage fabric-covered dress form! I antiqued mine, but now I think I want to cover her with some vintage fabric! Fun!!


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