Simply Sublime Bags

That’s the name of my new favorite book by Jodi Kahn.  I saw a feature in a recent magazine about her bags and I was so intrigued I ran right over to to purchase a copy of it.  It came just a few days later and I’ve really been enjoying it.


I love the designs and original ideas in this book.  Jodi uses all kinds of materials to create her bags including shower curtains, a Twister game mat and lots of packaging tape that she uses to “laminate” materials with.

She’s really inspired me to think out of the box.


Isn’t this coin purse cute!


I LUV this one, made from a bubble mailing envelope and dog leash.  Too clever!

I’ve got a never used vintage shower curtain that I’ve been saving and now I know just what to do with it.  Oh yeah. 

13 thoughts on “Simply Sublime Bags

  1. Oh I really really really need to check out that book! I love making purses (or more realistically, the idea of making purses!). This just looks the coolest!
    I also have a fantasy of making my own shoes….someday! šŸ™‚


  2. Wow, it isn’t often that I see a new craft book and EVERY idea is new to me! I think I’m going to have to pick this one up!


  3. Looks like a great book Suzy – the bags look very professional – you’d never guess their humble beginings!


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