Big Flea Treasures

It was definitely a good day!








22 thoughts on “Big Flea Treasures

  1. Ohhh great finds! The rose colored buttons are Beautiful, and I love that Christmas ornament. Great Color. And all the jewelleries ohhhhhh!! Seems like you had the best of times there 🙂


  2. Great collections, I used to go to the big flea when it was in Hampton. You know, in Smithfield the Antiques Emporium (on Main St.) is going out of business and they have a flea market going for the next two weekends, with big reductions.


  3. oh, such cute little chairs..those look about the right size for tiny bears to sit upon…
    ooh…and look at all the pretty hankies for more bags….
    a good day…nope…a great day!


  4. Well, at least I get to see how nice the Big Flea was through your blog….I missed it because my babysitter for the boys fell through (they are not shoppers) I am shooting for September. You found some awesome stuff!!!
    P.S. You won my blog giveaway, so email me your address and I will get the ornaments out to you. Thanks for entering!


  5. I have the same green elf ornament from when I was a baby! You found some amazing treasures! Thanks for sharing your photos!
    Have a great day!


  6. Woooowweeeee Suzy!! You found some fabulous treasures!!
    I recently saw one (yes, just one!)of those miniature chairs at a flea market (think it had a perfume bottle attached to it?) I asked the price and the vendor said £34 (that’s approx $68 !!!) I had to walk away without it!
    Have fun with all your new fabrics,
    Niki x


  7. I am totally gasping over here!!! Look at those little chairs…those are so dang cute! And those HANKIES…be still my heart! Oh yeah, great day indeed!
    Smiles, Karen


  8. Oh those little chairs are so sweet, perfect to add to your collection. Do you know why they were made? Are they dolls house or place setting markers or just plain cute??? Love your vintage hankie stash, can’t wait to see what creations are in the wings. Thanks for sharing, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


  9. you went to the richmond big flea, right? i am so jealous!! i am in texas but i live in richmond and i have never been able to go!! now i know i WILL go next year!!! was it at the raceway?


  10. Sweet finds! What are you planning with your scarves? I have >100 and do not know what I will do with them. Looking for inspiration.


  11. Wow! You hit the textile jackpot!
    I’m having flea market withdrawl. I’ve only been to a couple this year. 😦
    Mom and I are hoping to do a roadtrip through Virginia sometime next month. I’ll have to check out all the good thrifts and fleas.
    Kimberly 🙂


  12. Oh my, I am envious of all your finds, especially the vintage chair pin cushions! Love them! Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing my farm table fantasy!


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