Overwhelmed in a Good Way

I have been showered with generosity this week, and all from blog friends.  Individuals that I have never even met, but know only through their wonderful blogs.  There is a lot of it going around too, I read about it on others blogs all the time.  Let me share with you what others have so generously shared with me.

Monica has a blog, MandCo where she writes about design and gardening and her house.  Monica and her husband have two Rotties, Zina and Hector.  That is quite a houseful.  I can’t imagine having two of those gentle giants roaming around, my little terrier is only 18 lbs.   She’s all terrier though and would probably kick a Rottie butt. 

I won a give away that Monica was hosting, a surprise give away.  Monica said she likes to give surprise gifts, so it was a complete mystery.  Oh, and did I mention that she lives in Norway!  This large, heavy box arrived and I couldn’t believe the treasures inside.


This is a stack of Norwegian design magazines.  I don’t speak a lick of norwegian but the pictures speak for themselves.  I am so going to enjoy perusing these on the patio.


These earrings are vintage David Andersen enamel.  They are delicate little leaves.   Monica says vintage Norwegian enamel jewelry is getting harder to come by and hunted these down just for me.  


The earrings came in a box with this beautiful stone bead bracelet.


The fabric is from the Tilda collection by Tone Finnanger.  She has written a few craft books as well.  You can see her book collection here.  I really love these fabrics, aqua and red are one of my favorite color combos.


Did you just fall out of your chair?  Can you believe this!  This is a crystal obelisk from the floral fantasy collection by the Swedish designer Mats Jonasson.  The flower is carved into the crystal from the back side.  It is just stunning.   The package that all this arrived in looked as if it had been in a football practice so I was amazed when I pulled this beauty out of it. 

Monica is on holiday right now in Sicily.  I had the good fortune to visit Sicily about 5 years ago and it was quite a memorable vacation.  My husband has managed several amphitheaters here in the states, so we made it a point to visit every amphitheater in Sicily, of which there are many.  Some complete ruins and others still in use today.  Great memories of that trip!

Susan has a great blog, The T-Cozy.  Susan was just on a wonderful holiday in Martha’s Vineyard and her pictures from that trip will make you want to head over there pronto!  She recently blogged about painted terracotta pots that she has made, including instructions on making your own.  I left her a comment and mentioned how I especially admired the one with the sea shell design.  Today the post man left another big box on my step and inside was that beautiful pot, handpainted by Susan!


I was just at the garden center this morning and picked up this pretty pink double impatient so I am going to pot it up right away and give this a special place on my porch. 

Are you just dying of envy yet?  Wait, there’s more, yup.


It’s Christmas in July over at the Cottage Style Street Team.  Mary at Snowflakes on Eyelashes, another fun blog, had a give away to promote the event.  Well, I’m just rolling in give away karma and look at the beautiful ornaments that she sent me.  Mary has more lovelies like these in her etsyshop.  I love these bells.


I love them so much I ordered a couple for my christmas tree. 

I am truly overwhelmed today by all the blog generosity going on out there.  I think what I need to do now is pay it forward.  So I’m going to work on that little project.  I’ll let you know in my next post.  yup.  

I’m going to go mix myself a G&T, take it out to the patio and read about norwegian design and ponder it. :->

23 thoughts on “Overwhelmed in a Good Way

  1. Ponder away! You do have some sort of blog giveaway karma going on, don’t you! Well, good for you. I find bloggers to be a very generous breed. Giving of advice, suggestions, gifts and praise. I love the whole world of blogging. (Now if I could only get more bloggers to move to Typepad so the commenting would be easier and have less steps! Shhh! Don’t tell on me now!) Now I’ll go visit your friend.


  2. I definitely agree about the blog karma. I like to spread a little around myself. It’s great to give praise to people you hardly know. Most appreciate it too.
    I did a little good karma spreading today myself too…of the celeb kind. That was a mood lifter for sure.
    You’re a great person and thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. WOW!! You have really been blessed with some fantastic goodies! Have fun reading your new mags and playing and admiring all your other new treasures. Those bells are just darling–I think I may have to go and see if she has any more…..
    Smiles, Karen


  4. WOW! Scan in some images from those Norwegian mags….
    It’s sooo true how generous the blogging community is, in so many ways. The advice, uplifting words, and flat-out support make my day!


  5. Boy, that sounds inviting – a drink outside, new magazines – heavenly! Glad so many good things have come your way. Enjoy your weekend, Suzy!


  6. What a wonderful gift of treasures from Norway! I can’t decide which is my favorite…ummm, maybe the magazines…no, wait…the glass flower…but, the earrings are divine!


  7. Such generosity! I’ve won a few blog give-a-ways in the last year (which surprises me to no end since I never win anything!)and, it is such a joy to receive something from some of my fave bloggers. I wish I had a blog- I feel so ‘nekked’ without one. lol.


  8. WOW!!! You really won some beautiful things and even received a beautiful pot just because! Everyone out in blogworld is so sweet and giving! The magazines are probably super interesting to read! Have a wonderful night!


  9. Wow, its almost like christmas at your house with all those packages…good for you!!
    Thanks for including me on your blog, and you bells will be on their way Mon. or Tues.


  10. Norwegian desinger magazines…relaxing on a patio? Looking at your lovely backyard and pretty plants, in gifted containers?
    Yes! Summer is good for you!!!!


  11. Wow- what a windfall! Who would have thought there were so many Norwegian design magazines? The only word I know in Norwegian is “uff-da”- can’t wait to see what you do with your fun new fabrics.


  12. Wow what a great win Suzy!!!! LUCKY YOU!
    Oh goodness, you’ve been to Sicily?! My grandparents and beyond on my dad’s side are from there, you’ve probably been to their town I’m guessing… and i haven’t been further south than Rome… oops!


  13. I have just found Sew Pretty Homemade Christmas and the Tilda fabrics and dolls. Where can we find Tilda fabrics here in the USA instead of overseas?


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