Irvington, VA

I gave my sister a short tour of a few towns in the Northern Neck of Virginia today.  My BFF Beth has blogged many times about the beautiful towns in that lovely area.  She visited her family cottage regularly as she grew up and I love to hear the stories she has to tell about that time in her life.  She is a lucky girl because the "rivah" cottage is still a regular part of her life that she shares with her own family now.

The focus of our trip today was lunch at the Tides Inn.  The Tides Inn is an incredibly beautiful resort and I know that I am going to have to take Mr Peachez there for a romantic getaway sometime soon.


So before and after lunch we stopped and shopped all around the area.

I love this farm stand and their sign that says it all.


The Hope and Glory is another famous landmark in Irvington, VA.


We are out and about again tomorrow, better get a good nights rest.    

6 thoughts on “Irvington, VA

  1. Hi Suzy! Oh Irvington! Beauty! My parents have a place in Reedville and I’m spent many many years exploring the back roads down there! Beth is so lucky to still have her place at the “Rivah” (yes, I’m saying it like that too!) We took my mom to Mothers Day Brunch at the Tides Inn a few years ago….it was lovely! Have a great time!


  2. oh yes…make sure you do a weekend at The Tides Inn. I stayed there a couple of years ago and it’s just heaven. And make sure you do the spa…..ahhhhhhh!!


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