Just a Slight Detour

Sunday Sis and I headed back to Hampton from Mom's house in east Tennessee.  We decided to take the North Carolina route and take a bit of a detour over to Raleigh so that we could stop in and pay a visit to a fabulous store, Suzanna's.

Today minding the store was Susie assisted by her lovely daughters.  This store is very artfully arranged eye candy.





Did ya enjoy that, I sure did.  Well worth the detour.  Great shopping and great hospitality!    These ladies do it up right.

12 thoughts on “Just a Slight Detour

  1. It was so nice to meet you and your sister yesterday at the shop! You got some great things and I hope you enjoy them! Jenny


  2. I remember those bright chairs in the last photo from my childhood. And in the top photo, it sort of reminded me of a little scene a child would create while playing. But if it was my four year old grandson, it sure wouldn’t stay that neat very long!


  3. What a small world! I have a booth there:) I found out about your blog somehow- I’m not even sure… And then I see you post about something in my neck of the woods! The next time you’re in Raleigh, check out Gresham Lake Antique Mall which is right near there – Only about 2 minutes down Capital Blvd.


  4. Super Shop!! What? No purchases? I personally like that Big Pig….my mom has my big ceramic pig bank that we got at the pottery factory in Williamsburg back in the late 70’s!


  5. What a great little shop!
    Fun treasures abound.
    Not sure if we’ll make it to NC., but I will be in Virginia next month, so I’m perusing your past posts for things to see and places to shop while I’m there. šŸ™‚
    Kimberly šŸ™‚


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