Where Bloggers Create Tour

Brenda was feeling inspired by the wonderful book, Where Women Create, and the upcoming periodical of the same name, so she organized a little tour of like minded bloggers of the spaces that we have to create.

I've shown you my studio before on many occasions, but I recently cleared off my cutting table (a rare occasion) so I took some fresh pictures of my studio.


I use a third floor room as my studio.  It's pretty small and has no windows.  I am looking forward to moving downstairs to a sunnier room once my oldest daughter leaves for college.  This is the hallway outside my studio and this is just overflow.  A lot of overflow!  Beth painted that fabulous sign for me when I did the Maymont Herb Festival Show.


Most of these fabrics are vintage and this is only a portion of it.  I know, I am a fabricaholic.


Here is the cutting table all cleaned off.  That was yesterday, it's a mess again.



Got to have my little TV going while I'm sewing. 



I've gone a little crazy in this space, I don't edit much.  I just roll with it all going on.


I'm looking forward to the tour, thanks for stopping by my creating space.

32 thoughts on “Where Bloggers Create Tour

  1. Hi Suzy 🙂
    You have such a wonderful space! I love the mix of beautiful colors and the fabrics are so incredible! It looks like a very fun room to create in.
    Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂


  2. This room makes me want to sew. I can’t believe all that material, you love material like I love paper. I love that chandelier and your dress form is the pretties one I have seen. Your space is wonderful because it invites you to create. Karen


  3. I love the hodgepodge of stuff! I had to show my husband the fabric photo with “see I don’t have THAT much fabric”. He thinks I have too much, and I don’t think thats possible! I love your dress form. I have been wanting one for awhile, I just haven’t found the right one yet!


  4. Well Suzy, thank you for the tour of your creative space! You may have noticed on my post that I referred to your dress form, and then it got cut off when it posted! That’s me! You’re always the one answering MY computer tech questions. I use to have a lot of fabric, but now not so much since I haven’t been quilting. But you make such lovely things with it. (What have you done with that marvelous barkcloth you have?) I am waiting to see!!!


  5. Oh my! I feel SO inspired! Thank you for sharing your space with us…it’s a thing of beauty. And I love your remark that you don’t edit much as far as stuff coming in to you room! Ha! I know that one! 🙂


  6. Happy Sunday Suzy, What a “charming studio” you have!!!…The moment I saw it, I was inspired!!! Love all the beautiful colors & all that glorious fabric!!!!!!!…..Have a great day!…..Heidi XO


  7. Love your colors! Where on the green earth did you get such a dynamite pink chair? It surely inspires. I return again and again to gaze at the fabric. Fantastic! So glad you shared your space.


  8. Oh, I enjoyed your space. I love all of that organized chaos! It speaks of a truly creative mind. I am so glad to have met you through Brenda’s tour!!! Dana
    PS My cutting table seems to shrink in size the more I use it! I have a terrible time putting stuff back–I just shove it over. A very bad habit! 😉


  9. Hi Suzy, you have a wonderful stash of fabric and your creative space is fabulous. I love all the colors and treasures around. I bet you get great inspiration in your studio. Love the dress form.
    Happy Creating, Celestina
    la rea rose


  10. It would take FOREVER to see all your pretty things! I love all the colors and well, everything! Congrats on moving downstairs-I too am (a little) excited about taking over a child’s room next year when he graduates!


  11. WOW! You have some awesome fabric collected! I do understand how it adds up! I am the same way when I find beautiful things that I don’t know what I’ll use it for but its a good deal, or I just LOVE it!
    Thanks for sharing!


  12. Suzy, WOW!! What a fun room. Makes me want to kick my husband out of his office and take over!! Since you came to the shop we have a new dealer in the back corner who has a whole cabinet FULL of vintage fabric! Head back and bring Beth and indulge in your addiction!! ;>)
    Jenny at Suzanna’s Antiques


  13. Oh Boy, I could just sit in that pink chair and spin around and around and around looking at everything…its so colorful and fun! I…for one, will not participate in this little tour since I would be ashamed to post a picture of my workspace which is never the same spot twice!!


  14. Wow, you sure do have a lot of vintage fabric! All your colors in your studio-sewing room are so cheerful! I bet once you get in there you never want to leave! There’s just NEVER enough time for creating, is there?


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