Birthday Wishes

Thank you for all the nice comments wishing me a Happy Birthday.  My birthday fell mid week so it was a pretty quiet and reserved one.  I was very fortunate to have a business trip scheduled up to the Washington, DC area so I got to see my BFF Beth the very next day.  Beth sent me wonderful birthday wishes on her blog and then she took me out for a fabulous dinner.  She left the boys at home and we had a very nice girls night out, who could ask for more. 

Ahh, but there was more, a lot more!

Beth had for me a wonderful gift basket stuffed with goodies and on the top was the most fabulous pin cushion, made especially for me!


If you have ever read much of my blog you know that I am crazy for vintage christmas.  Vintage handblown ornaments are at the top of my list and I have many, many, many of them.  I found some especially exquisite ones this week.  All handblown and handpainted, in the most delicious pastel colors. 


I especially love the teardrop shaped one, it is delightfully crooked.

Another of my favorite vintage christmas creations are the homemade felt/sequin items.  These are primarily from my mother's generation and I love their quirkiness.  I just found this fun tree on etsy.  The colors are kitschy and very 70's. 


I'm on the road again this week, headed to central Pennsylvania.  I believe there are a lot of antique stores up that way, oh yeah.  That GPS MrPeachez gave me for my birthday will come in extra handy, especially if I can program it to find the best antique malls!  

10 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. You just have yourself a good old time, Suzy! Every gal should get to do just what she wants the entire month (or week, if that is all that can be managed) of her birthday. My friend Curtiss Ann of Pressing On got that going. So come February, though it is a short month, I shall be a-celebrating in style for #52! You be careful now!
    xoxo, Brenda


  2. I probably shouldn’t be thinking this, but this is my first Christmas in Blogland and I can hardly wait to see everybody’s stuff! Love your finds, and that great pincushion.


  3. Hey Suzy
    Love the Tree! Have a Safe Trip and Happy Shopping! Love my GPS,great for Garage Sales!
    Be Safe!


  4. Hi Suzy…love your vintage Christmas ornaments. I’m hooked on those too and always on the look out for unique ones. Have loads of fun shopping in PA!


  5. I guess I am a little late, but,… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You got some great goodies. And may your GPS lead you to all the great antique stores!


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