Oriental Influences

I seem to be drawn to place objects in my garden that have an oriental influence or origin.


I had this stool in my house for many years then moved it to the patio this year with the rusted iron lantern on top.  Seems right at home in the garden.


This beautiful hand carved polished granite lantern is a prized possession.    We have a wonderful shop here in Hampton that is run by a lovely Japanese woman and she designs the lanterns.  Her work is exhibited in many famous gardens such as the National Arboretum in Washington, DC.


Every garden needs at least one Buddha. 


Frogs in the garden. 


This beautiful urn and the frogs came from a wonderful shop in Norfolk, VA called Three Swallows.  They import many beautiful oriental artifacts and carvings.


I purchased this cast metal Buddha at Renningers Antique Extravaganza in Pennsylvania.  Oh my that was a fun sale!  Worth the trip if you are anywhere near there.


I purchased this guy in Bethesda, MD at a little flea market that has been there forever.  I named him Jeffrey.  If you ever met my brother you would get that one.

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