Summer’s Last Tomatoes

Are some of you still enjoying your fresh garden tomatoes?  It is the very end of the season here, soon to be no more.  crap.

When my sister came to visit this summer she passed along a wonderful recipe that we made with tomatoes from our mother's garden and it was so good my 11yo daughter had seconds!

It's called Sweet Tomato Pie.


It is a very easy and uncomplicated recipe.  My sister blogs here and gives you the step by step details. 

4 thoughts on “Summer’s Last Tomatoes

  1. Suzy, I didn’t realize your sister had a blog. I’ll go over and check it out. This recipe sounds divine. But my husband won’t touch a tomato (dumb ass) so I’d have to eat it by myself.


  2. I didn’t get nearly enough this year. And I only eat them in the summer because well; you know–otherwise they’re cold storage and gross! Anyway, I only get them at Farmer’s Mkt for $3/lb and I just kept forgetting to go this year. Shoot, I was just starting to think it’s time for a new pair of flip flops only to realize it’s almost October!!! The pizza looks divine. Good job!!


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