Mosaics on Monday

The theme of today's mosaic is amphitheaters.    MrPeachez  has been in the venue management/music business for his entire career.  We have had the good fortune to move around the past few years as his career has taken him from amphitheaters in the Washington, DC area, to Virginia Beach, VA to Holmdel, NJ to Cincinnati, OH and now to Hampton, VA. 

MrPeachez and I traveled to Sicily a few years back and we made it a point to visit every old Greek, Roman and Italian amphitheater on that island.  And there were quite a few. 



1. Benches, 2. Roman Theatre, 3. Offset Symmetry, 4. Hampton Coliseum, 5. PNC Banks Art Center, 6. Amphitheatre, 7. Amphitheatre, 8. Amphitheatre, 9. Bosra – Bosra Amphitheatre

Amphitheaters are known in the business as "sheds" because they are outdoor venues.    I included one picture here that is not a shed.  If you have ever traveled through the Hampton Roads area you will probably recognize the Hampton Coliseum, an indoor arena and MrPeachez's latest gig.

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