Saturday Shopping – Aqua

I'm in the mood for aqua today.


Vintage Metal Aqua Drop Earrings from StormySky


Reversible Seahorse Pendant Necklace from VerreEncore


Blossom tile from GretchenKramp


Vintage Aqua & Yellow Tablecloth from Goodlookin

6 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping – Aqua

  1. And I just bought a box of aqua melmac at an auction today … not sure exactly why, except that it was $2 for a lifetime supply!


  2. Suzy,
    I think there is something in the air because all of a sudden I adore the shade of Robins Egg Blue (Aqua) too!
    I have Never been a blue person, but this shade of blue is so beautiful, I can’t resist.


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