China Blossoms in the Garden

I love these recycled china flowers for the garden!  My blog friend Anitra of Coffee Pot People  made these china blossoms for my garden.  I love garden ornaments that are made from recycled items.  This is such a simple idea, but a Fabulous one. 


My china blossoms are small, saucer size.  Anitra also makes  Mega Blossoms and this one just turned up in her etsy shop today.

I'm loving this one!


These would look great in my garden.  But I think these must be in Anitra's garden.  Lucky girl.


I know I'm gushing but I think these are so clever. 

But do ya wonder,Coffee Pot People, that sounds intriguing.  Hmmmm.


This is Maurice, one of Anitra's latest creations.  GET IT!  I love it!   

4 thoughts on “China Blossoms in the Garden

  1. Those are so utterly simple and so clever. It’s one of those why didn’t I think of that ideas– which for me always means it’s so original, simple, and clever.


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