Monday’s Must Read Blogs

This blog is new to me but I think you will agree that Jodi over at Ric Rac is a pretty creative gal.  And a bit obsessed with fabric selvedges, but in a good way!


I'm speechless, this dress is fabulous.  Stop over a look at all the pictures of this amazing dress and leave her a comment.  She's got some great tutorials on her sidebar too.  

This next blog has been on my google reader list for some time and I look forward to every post.  Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary is "a special place where disabled animals enjoy life on a Montana ranch".  If you are any kind of an animal lover check out this blog and there you will find links to their websites for the Ranch and Blind

6 thoughts on “Monday’s Must Read Blogs

  1. Isn’t that cool! I even just love the style of the dress. She has a great blog!! I have enjoyed reading back through her archives!


  2. Amazing dress. I love that you sent us to the animal sanctuary site. My friend Sue Davis, used to have her own physical therapy practice, which she sold this year. She now does physical therapy for animals, and volunteers her time at Popcorn park zoo, where they take in animals that are just too far gone for your average person to care for. She also volunteers her time at the ASPCA to massage those dogs and cats who are stuck in cages. It makes my heart sing when I hear of things like this. xxoo, Susan


  3. Wowzer on that dress! I’m afraid to look at the animal site cuz I always cry about things like that…bless the people who take care of these animals.


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