Buy and Brag BEWARE!

I've been saving this buy/brag post, but I don't know for what!   This shopping trip was to a local estate sale.   I probably wouldn't have gone except that it started on a Wednesday.    Isn't that crazy!  But I wasn't there to stand in line for numbers, that is just over the top now, don't ya think! 

The sale was in a modest neighborhood and when I got there later in the morning it was pretty quiet.  BUT a ton of stuff still in this house. 

An entire china cabinet full of Waterford crystal.   Beautiful, but still pricey.

I found a few linens to buy, then I spotted this China Barrel packing box in the corner full of Xmas items for sale for $10 for the entire box.  I peeked inside and saw enough that intrigued me, and so I  decided to go for it.  It was a giant china barrel grab bag!!


I didn't even realize how heavy this box was until it was time to drag it to the car.  The operative word here is DRAG! 

But I am a resourceful gal so I managed to fit it into the trunk of the Prius just fine.

What was inside?  Well, enough stuff to make the $10 worth it.  I will use all this loot to make some vintage xmas wreaths for the local sale that BFF Beth and I are participating in on  November 8.




12 thoughts on “Buy and Brag BEWARE!

  1. Great stuff! Isn’t it fun to buy a box lot and find that there are some great treasures inside? I have a Prius, too. It’s amazing what I’ve been able to fit into that little trunk.


  2. Oh, you lucky, lucky girl! I get excited whenever I manage to find a few vintage Christmas things here and there! I can’t even imagine getting a huge box full like that. How wonderful!


  3. Well done Suzy….we all know how you love your vintage decs! Well done to you!
    Have fun with your craft projects,


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