Right Place at the Right Time

The right place to be right now is at the garden center.  This is the best time of year to plant shrubs, perennials and trees AND it's the best time of year to get bargains on all of these.

Yesterday at my garden center I picked up some fabulous bargains.

I'm most excited about this purchase.  When this tree form PeeGee Hydrangea came into the garden center this summer it was in full bloom and it was spectacular.  I can't believe nobody snatched it up, including me.  Fortunately for me I waited and now, as it is going dormant for the season, it was also half-price!


I know it doesn't look like much now, but next year it will look like this!


Also, from the bargain corner I picked up a Snowflake Mock Orange.  A deciduous shrub with fragrant white blossoms in the spring.

I put this one right next to my porch so I can smell it on a spring evening and it should grow to block the view of the rain barrel too.


Next spring it will look like this.


For my fence I'm going to add this Joseph's Coat climbing rose.  Haven't planted it yet, but it will climb up and onto the fence.


Looking pretty sad right now but next year it will look like this.


Today I found some flower carpet roses for the front beds and they were only $10 a piece, about 60% off.


So my front walkway should look like this next year.   Now I just need to stay away from that bargain corner of the nursery, I've got all the planting I need to do right now.        

5 thoughts on “Right Place at the Right Time

  1. Ahh! A kindered Spirit! I too love the Plant Hospital Section! They just need alittle TLC to Shine! Don’t we all!
    I look forward to Spring Follow up Photos!


  2. I love your before and after photos! I looked at some 50 percent off plants yesterday and couldn’t decide – I think I’m inspired now!


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