Itty Bitty Pain in the A**

At my friend  Beth's  nudging, I signed up for one of the latest  Itty Bitty Book Club  swaps.  Beth has participated in several of these already and the end results are the most amazing and exquisite little collections of fun collage art.

The participants get ridiculously creative within the tiny confines of a 3 x 4 inch or less space. 

So I signed up for one of the swaps and kinda put it on the back burner 'cause at the time of the sign up I had like 6 weeks to work on this little project.

The theme is Sweet Marie – Anything French.  OK.  I can do that.  Now collage is not typically my thang.  So in typical Suzy style I let this sit until crunch time.   The concept took me way longer than anticipated.  I didn't want to do Marie Antoinette, I figure 99% of the book will contain pictures of her.  Hmmm.  So what else?


Here is a bit of the process.  I decided to take a cue from one of my favorite movies, In Her Shoes.  Translated that is Dans ses Chaussures.

I had to make 27 pieces for this collaboration.


So the midnight oil had to burn bright last night.  Now I'm rushing to get this posted and off to southwest Virginia for a business trip. 

Here is the front/back of the finished page. 


I am looking forward to the finished product.  I've seen first hand the other works of this group and they are nothing short of amazing!

Au revoir!

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