I’m Already Thinking Christmas

Yup, it's my favorite holiday.  I love collecting vintage Christmas all year long.

Soon I'll be dragging out the boxes of vintage ornaments and Christmas kitsch to make some killer wreaths.  Last year after all the wreath making was done I ended up with a pile of little vintage ornament boxes, mostly Shiny Brites.


Ahhh, these boxes are just way too cool to toss away.  I saved them, and probably accumulated a few more.  I was thinking they would make great little diorama ornies.

So I pulled out a few supplies.  If you want to make some and recycle your old boxes here is a list of what I used.

Chenille stems, tinsel, vintage xmas wrapping paper, vintage xmas bits and baubles, vintage batting (for that perfect patina), vintage mica flakes, little bells, foam core and lots of glue.

Put all this together and voila!


Fun, fun, fun!  My daughters were very impressed with my project.  That really says something when the teenagers are motivated to comment.







Try it and have fun!!       

34 thoughts on “I’m Already Thinking Christmas

  1. These are wonderful. I am so excited for Christmas. It’s my favorite. I can’t wait to get out all of my Christmas stuff.


  2. Awesome, Suzy! Who’d a thunk it, but you??
    P.S. Just wanted to let you know that one of your bags is in the latest ME Home Companion in the Etsy Treasury inside the front cover.
    P.P.S. As I typed that I feel like I had typed it before. If I repeated myself forgive me. Having a “moment”!


  3. WOW! What a perfect idea! I hate to dispose of items that have survived this long!
    Perfect use for all those little treasures gathered along the way!


  4. DARLING!!! I just love those little shadowboxes and how you used the boxes….so creative and I too have Christmas making it’s way into my home. Must be the magic of the season upon us!


  5. Oh my goodness! How divine! I LOVE them! I have to make some this Christmas…I love anything vintage. Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea.


  6. You are so talented & creative…
    LOVED what you did with the vintage boxes~ I wanted the delicate ornaments to be better protected…have saved the boxes like you~ these are fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing & the inspiration~


  7. Oh these really are lovely and of course you have the bestest things to put in them ( do you like that word bestest? i do believe I made it up).
    They are very special, thanks for sharing, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage


  8. These are adorable shadow boxes! You sure come up with some sweet things. Now, I’m kickin’ myself for not snagging that vintage Shiny brite box at an estate sale…the ornaments in it were not good, but the box graphics were..oh, well, it was overpriced if I remember. Thanks for the sharing in case I happen across some boxes.


  9. Too cute! I normally bristle when I see Christmas decorations popping up after Halloween, but I loooooove your recycled Christmas ornament boxes! Thanks so much for sharing!


  10. These are gorgeous Suzy – so original and fun! Well done to you for thinking outside the box (well inside actually!)
    Niki x


  11. You miss are one smart and creative lady. I too have my Shiny Bright boxes and can’t bear to toss them in with the trash, even recycling seems too harsh. BUT this I can do, and will. Thanks for sharing!!!


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