Craft Sale Season Begins

I love this time of year, after Halloween when all the church, high school and  juried craft sales begin.  There is always something fun and interesting at most of these, and I just enjoy looking.  Something about the spirit of these local shows that appeals to me.

This weekend I am driving to DC to join Beth at her son's highschool holiday craft sale.  We have never done a craft sale, but we decided to do it to support the school and it will be a fun way to spend the day together.

I don't have any expectations going in, so what ever happens will be fine.  I pulled out my mega scrap box and stitched up a stack of little zippered bags to sell.


I don't expect shoppers to be spending big bucks so I'm planning to bring items that are easy on the pocketbook.   I had also planned on a couple of free days to do some last minute preparations, but the phone did ring and the jobs did come in.  So off I go to Richmond today.  Doh!

I'm sticking in an unrelated picture here.  I snapped this a few weeks back at the Williamsburg Antique Mall but couldn't find my card reader for my little camera until now.  Some fun little girl dresses made from vintage feedsacks.  CUTE!


11 thoughts on “Craft Sale Season Begins

  1. I know what you mean — I’m trying to crank out lots of goodies for an upcoming craft show. BTW, I’ll be in D.C. for Thanksgiving. Are there cool shops in the D.C. area that carry your wares? Or do you have favorite places to thrift that you’d be willing to share? Thanks!


  2. Have fun at the big sale! I love the little zippered bags! I’m sure they will go like hot cakes!


  3. nos encanta el bolso kimberly.lamentablemente no podemos tener acceso a los patrones en mendoza argentina.nos gustaria tener mas detalles de la confeccion del bolso si es posible.


  4. What precious little dresses! I know everyone is cutting back this year on spending, due to the economy. Here also due to the extensive need to remodel. (Almost there!) I now have a closet/sewing nook. Posted it yesterday. Have fun for me too!


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