Back Home and Success!!

I zipped up to the Wash, DC suburbs yesterday so that I could participate in the Falls Church High School Craft Fair with my BFF Beth. 

Beth and I don't normally sell our creations off line, but her son attends the high school this year.  The craft fair is the biggest fund raiser the school has all year and we thought it might be fun to participate. 

I did not have high expectations for the sale, but I am happy to report that we were both pleasantly surprised at the turn out and our creations were very well received.  We each sold a good portion of what we brought so we are both feeling warm and fuzzy this evening at our surprise success!

I am back home already, zipped right back down to Hampton after the sale.  Now I am sipping my glass of wine and enjoying the pictures that I snapped of our booth this morning before the sale began.



We had a few friends turn out to cheer us on, most importantly  Vintage Sue stopped by with a friend.  They found some awesome jewelry at the sale so I'm glad to trip to Falls Church was fruitful.   By the way, check out Susan's blog, she gets around to some bad ass estate sales.  (robot clowns and taxidermy, yup) 




I'll sleep good tonight, I'm pooped.  

13 thoughts on “Back Home and Success!!

  1. Yep I would have been heading to your stall with bells on, how fabulous it looks!!! So glad you had a great day though can’t believe you didn’t think you would, oh yee of little faith!!
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


  2. What a great booth! So full of color and fabulous goodies. Will you be selling any of those shadowbox ornaments? I’d love to get a few.


  3. So, I was up in Vermont this weekend, visiting the child in the middle at college, and I pick up a copy of the Mary Englebreit magazine, and the Etsy advertisement from you was front and center. That purse it to die for…then I come home and what do I see but all of this goodness at a little craft sale in Va….I am so glad you had a good showing. I will never forget that I sold your wonderful creations first. I knew that you were and still are brilliant! xxoo, Susan


  4. You and Beth are two of my favorite bloggers! I’ve got you bost listed on my page, and enjoy my “visits” with your little creative selves! What great stuff you have posted in the last few days. I enjoyed catching up and was so impressed with your little dioramas. Adorable. Have a great week.


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