Pink and Punky

This puts a smile on my face this morning!



I saw this on Anne KazBlogging friends in Turkey.  I get a lot of visitors from Turkey and that has allowed me to find a lot of cool bloggers over there.   Günaydın!

8 thoughts on “Pink and Punky

  1. How fun! That would have been so cute to have had when my mom was going through chemo a couple of years ago. That would have given us a good laugh.


  2. Cute! Its a good way of trying out a dramatic hair colour too, before being that daring! (Although I’m not sure that I could fit all of my long hair inside this wiggy hat!)


  3. I grew up in Turkey! Who knew there were so many bloggers there. This photo gave me such a laugh to start my day! Yeah! Have a great week. Elizabeth


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