Multitasking & Genetics

I think multitasking must be a sex linked trait.  Women are just natural born multitaskers.   Men simply cannot cook dinner, fold underwear, assist with homework, feed the dog, clean the bathroom and unload the dishwasher, all this while watching Oprah.  Nope, they can't do it. (The argument could be made they can do it, but they just don't want to do it.)

Yesterday while performing many household duties while at the same time talking on the phone to BFF Beth I did a little decoupage project. 

I have had this little organizer in my bathroom for years and finally I whipped out the Mod Podge and vintage wallpaper and did a little redo.


I'm going to call this Boho Wallpaper Chic.  Yeah, that works for me.



This is motivating me to finally get this bathroom repainted.  The beautiful turquoise color needs a second coat. 

I bet you noticed my fabulous beaded chrysanthemums.  I got them along with several other fabulous beaded flower arrangements at an estate sale in New Jersey a few years ago.  

17 thoughts on “Multitasking & Genetics

  1. Suzy, that is just gorgeous! You should sell those. It’s so you, so colorful. So creative! Don’t know if I could do that while talking and multi-tasking. Looks detailed.


  2. love it GP, hey, I think I recognize some of that paper 😉
    glad to see it went to good use
    and thanks for the multi-tasking laugh


  3. Wow, now that is a face lift!! That looks wonderful and now you will have to do everything else in your bathroom, you know how these things snowball….or you could be like me and dream about it for a while longer. Kiss noises Linda


  4. The finished project turned out great! And yes, I was definitely ogling the gorgeous beaded flowers. How could I not?
    Speaking of multitasking, did you see the NYTimes article about it? Apparently we’re not as good at it as we think.


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