Lots of Shiny Brite-ness Today

I didn't realize that I had collected SO many vintage Christmas ornaments this year.  Serious addiction I'm afraid.  Intervention may be needed soon.

Every year I make a couple of wreaths using all these exquisite creations of the past.  I covet them, I really do.  But I think I'm putting up 10 trees this year, and they are all stuffed with ornaments.  I keep the most special, special ones that I find, but use the rest to create beautiful wreaths.

I really love these wreaths.  I have 3 that I made that I put up in my house every season.   I think they are a great way to display and enjoy these wonderful vintage objects. 

This year I made 6 wreaths.  Yup.  That's right, six!  My storage closet is like a waste land now, with all the empty space made from pulling out all these stored ornaments.  (room for more collecting I'd say) 

I've put them in my  etsy  shop today.  I ordered some very sturdy boxes for shipping this year since I have so many wreaths to offer.  They aren't huge wreaths, just the perfect size to put on a door.  They measure 15-16 inches from outside to outside. 

wr1 wr2
wr3 wr4
wr5 wr7

7 thoughts on “Lots of Shiny Brite-ness Today

  1. I am a vintage Christmas ornament addict too. I just cannot resist them. I plan on making a wreath with the extras *someday* too ~ yours are so pretty!!


  2. Do you have a link to instructions on how to make one of these wreaths? Or would you share your technique? They are beautiful. THANKS!


  3. I love your site! It is inspiring. I found it via the Mary Engelbreit Home Companion ad- I was looking to buy the purse you had pictured. Is it available?


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