Fab-o New Shop

Since I've been a blogger I have been a fan of Amanda's little blog, Every Little ThingShe used to have a great little Etsy shop too.  Amanda recently relocated to Asheville, NC, one of my favorite places to visit.  The B&B's there are to DIE for. 

Since settling into her new home and city Amanda has opened a great new online shop, Bake It Pretty.


Check out her shop and check out her blog for a fabulous and generous give-away she is hosting right now.


There is some really fun stuff over in her shop.


Aren't these stinkin' cute!  Makes me want to do some baking, and that is pretty serious stuff.  yup.  

4 thoughts on “Fab-o New Shop

  1. YOU RULE! Thanks so much for the fabulous write-up! You’re a peach! (ha ha, I’m sure you get that a lot…I kinda feel dumb for writing it now. sorry for my lameness.)


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