Saturday Shopping Finds

Ah, you noticed, you're on the ball aren't ya.  It's Sunday.  I was traveling yesterday.   Better a day late than not at all, and, I didn't have to drive the whole way.  Mr Peachez is not a chauffeur so we split up the driving.  While riding the backroads of Virginia my blackberry and I traveled to Japan.

This lovely little shop comes all the way from Kyoto. 

Tiny-Toadstool has a sweet blog too.

Beautiful wool creations.  Gorgeous embroidery.   These hats appeal to my inner mushroom lover.







2 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping Finds

  1. Well, didn’t you wander the world in your very own car! I don’t have a Blackberry. I rarely even use my cell phone! But then I’m not a career woman like you.


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