Vintage Christmas Fabrics of Course!

If you have read much of my blog then you know I collect vintage christmas stuff with abandon.  You would also know that I adore vintage textiles, so OF COURSE I collect vintage christmas fabrics.

In fact my collection is quite extensive.

Over at True Up  it's nothing but christmas prints from now through Dec 25.  They also have a flickr  pool for fabrics and you can see more there.

I snapped pics of my collection to share here, pardon the creases!













I saved the best for last, this is one is my absolute fav.


I just made a tote bag from this fabric.  I love polka dots too.  ya think.


These fabrics are just so whimsical and fun.  They are almost all border prints and they were sold as yardage.  Often they were made into curtains, pillowcases and of course aprons.         

39 thoughts on “Vintage Christmas Fabrics of Course!

  1. My goodness what a super collection!! I think my favorite is the snowman…they are just too cute for their own good.


  2. I bought a tote from you a few years ago with your shiny brite favorite fabric and I absolutely adore it! Love your talents!


  3. I kept finding a favorite (candy canes in baskets) and then another (Season’s Greetings) and another (Christmas in every language) and another (the snowmen) … they are wonderful. The only one I have is the last of your Santa border prints – the pillowcase I slept on when I was a kid. Great post!


  4. Wowser! That is a great collection. I have a few, but not as many as yours. Thanks for sharing (creases and all…who has time to iron during the holidays!)That purse would definately make holiday shopping fun!


  5. Fabulous collection and a great bag. I would have the hardest time cutting any of these fabrics–what you have done is very inspiring.


  6. I’m a huge polka dot fan myself and the bag is gorgeous. As are the fabrics. I love the pink with the red and green. I don’t collect Christmas fabrics but I just bought an apron made with the kitten in a stocking border print – so cute. Thanks for sharing your collection!


  7. Hey – made me smile to see the vintage fabric you purchased from me in your pictures! So happy it went to a great home. Now I am heading to your shop to shop for friends!


  8. OMG I am loving that purse you made. Soooo very cute. Also love the Santa and Christmas tree fabric. You’ve got quite the collection there.


  9. Unless the lunchcloth is damaged, it’s a sin to *repurpose* them into something else– ouch! great collection: please preserve!


  10. I don’t think it’s a sin to repurpose these wonderful fabrics into something that can be enjoyed. I think it’s a SIN to keep them packed away. It is fabric after all!


  11. Fabulous collection Suzy! Don’t think these were produced in the UK – well I’ve never seen such loveliness here! 😦
    Have a great weekend,


  12. Wow Suzy! Awesome collection. I adore that purse too–just hopped over to etsy and not surprisingly; I missed it! Hope you’re having fun this holiday season. Putting up 11 trees again? 😉


  13. Hi, I’m Holly I’ve been seeing you around Jenny’s place. Love your blog and loooove those kittens! Merry Christmas!


  14. OH SUZI I have a decent size collection going want to make quilt/blankets (i’m not a quilter) to have on the couch during the holidays to stay cozy under. You have some beauties! just love them!


  15. This was like seeing an old friend! I did not remember until I read this post that I sold you “mr santa rosey checks in the sleigh” picture #2! It was so fun to see that fabric again! Stay safe and warm during the storm.


  16. This is beautiful vintage Christmas fabric, especially the one you made the purse from. Can you tell me where I can buy that fabric from. I’ve looked at the True Up website and I see nothing like that. Thanks!


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