Got Ribbon?

If you've got ribbon, then in few quick steps you can have a corsage. Beth is having a corsage party today over at her blog. 

Stop by to find links to several blog friends who, following Beth's corsage tutorial, have made their own corsages and posted pictures of them today.

Here is my entry.   I don't think I will wear it, but instead use it to embellish a christmas gift.  oh yeah.


18 thoughts on “Got Ribbon?

  1. ooohh. That’ll be re-used on gifties for years to come! I keep seeing these tee-tiny birdies…can you give me a hint as to where I can find some? thanks!


  2. Oh man, my thumb is raw from making ribbons this past week…..gotta buy some thinner floral wire that’s easier on the old thumbs 🙂


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