Peanut Baby Birds in a Nest – How To

This is one of my favorite ornaments on my BIg Tree.  It is such a sweet and simple idea, so I wanted to share it.   It is the perfect project for the really young ones and would make a great gift for the grandparents.

I'm sure you could look at the picture and figure this out but I did a quick little how to for you.

My mother (the source of my clever genes, natch) made this cute little ornament for me several years ago.  Every year when I unpack this one it just makes me smile.


Gather up all the materials.  Excelsior, raw peanuts, black and red paint, tiny paint brush and white glue.


Take a small palm size clump of excelsior and just work with it, shaping it into a small ball then make a depression in it, forming it into a nest shape.


Take 3 peanuts and paint two black dots for eyes and one red dot for a mouth.  Wait a few minutes, (unlike me) for the paint to dry.   Put some white glue in the bottom of the nest and insert your peanut baby birdies.  Done!


Now just nestle your little babies into a tree branch.  When I pack this away after the holidays, I put it in a small little box with a lid and I have stored it like this for years and years. 

Great project for kids, especially the little ones.

10 thoughts on “Peanut Baby Birds in a Nest – How To

  1. Oh my goodness, we are so making these adorable little things! This would be the perfect attention span for my 6 year old and the grannies would love these as a gift. Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. How sweet! I will be back on the phone with my sister sharing another fun project! The would be cute for the grandkids to find in the tree!


  3. Oh, so sweet! I’ve never seen this done before. But it’s perfect. Wow, people take the simplest of things and make it so beautiful!


  4. Well I can’t tell you how much Leroy enjoyed making our peanut families today! We made three nests and they took no time (but lol, lots of mess, thank goodness we did it outside!).
    We had to go buy “perfect” peanuts yesterday…. it was a hard feat to achieve since the shop we found peanuts at had some rather old ones, but we managed to rummage through to buy 9 peanuts for a massive 18 cents, hehehehe!!!
    Thanks for the fun project Suzy!


  5. I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw those baby birds, Suzy – this is SO cute!
    Only you would have come up with this one! ;-))


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