The Big Tree – Numero Uno

The count isn't final yet, just how many trees will I have this year?  But I started with the Big One, the big daddy, the family tree.  This is the tree that gets the assortment of ornaments collecting during my married life.  All the ornies made by my girls.  But there is an underlying theme to it also.  Birds.  Birds are very popular as ornaments, just look at all the bird ornaments through the years.


This is a fiber optic tree.  What is great about this tree is there is ONE bulb.  That's right, in the base is one light bulb and a spinning color wheel.  And so far, after 5 years I still haven't had to replace the bulb.  love that.


Aren't these too cute, and so simple.  Just some excelsior and peanuts, black and red paint.  They just nestle in the branch.


This little guy was in one of those grab bags at the thrift store.  So much detail, he is only about 1.5 inches tall. 


This funny chenille bird is quite large, about 8 inches across.


Can't have birds without bees.  I love clip on ornies. 

Tomorrow, tree number two, my vintage aluminum tree.   

9 thoughts on “The Big Tree – Numero Uno

  1. I love the bee – never saw anything quite like that! Your long comment came through after all (phew! and thanks!) and I can’t wait to see the aluminum tree! Keep decorating, and I’ll keep visiting!


  2. Beautiful. My kind of tree. I love your collection of ornies. I can’t wait to see more.
    Oh, and knock on wood about the bulb 🙂


  3. So many wonderful memories on that beautiful tree-how cool is that!?! Loved the bird theme-looking forward to tomorrows post! How fun to have more then one tree to decorate!


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