Vintage Aluminum Tree – Number Two

This is tree number two in the count down to how many trees will I put up and decorate this year.  Ten, eleven? not sure yet.  I'm still workin' on it!

This vintage aluminum tree is my favorite of all.  I purchased this very full, excellent condition tree at the Big Flea in Chantilly, VA about 3 years ago.  It came with a musical revolving stand.  I actually hesitated before committing to the purchase and now in hindsight, was I crazy?  boink!  Anywho, thank goodness I went for it and now I have this beautiful tree from the past to display my outstanding vintage mercury glass ornament collection.


Now I will show you some of my beautiful vintage ornies that are on it.  I love them all, I can't possibly pick a fav.







Tomorrow, numero tres, The Space Tree.  Intrigued ?     

29 thoughts on “Vintage Aluminum Tree – Number Two

  1. When I was younger, I had a friend who had one of these at her house…..I would just sit and stare at it in awe. It had a little spotlight w/ the different colors that would rotate around and make the tree change colors….red, blue, green and yellow… pretty. I remember my mom thinking it was GAWDY…..what nerve….we never have had the same decorating style…tee hee.


  2. Hey when I was a teenager in the groovy 70’s we had a tree like that! LoL! And some of the very same ornies too! Wow I feel like I traveled back in time-thanks for that post-Your tree looks beautiful-nice job decorating!!!
    ~Tam πŸ˜€


  3. You know, I always thought I didn’t like these old silver trees. Boy was I WRONG πŸ™‚ Beautiful. I love it.


  4. Those are some truly fabulous ornaments. I wish my vintage ones were in as nice a shape as yours, and that I had some of those really fancy ones. The silver tree really sets them off nicely. Beautiful!!


  5. My grandparents had a tree just like this–seeing yours was a step back in time for me! The similarities between theirs and yours (theirs had a revolving/changing light attached to its base) are so strong–even in how it’s placed in front of your window! Thanks for the trip down memory lane…


  6. This is the best Christmas ever. Of course such talented individuals would have the most amazing trees. Wow! If anyone can top this tree, bring it on baby! Sparkle Heaven! E


  7. My mother had a tree like that way back in the early 60’s. We had the color wheel, too. She had some very beautiful glass ornaments that my grandmother brought with her from Austria in 1914. I don’t know what happened to those ornaments, but sure do wish I had them.


  8. I hate you for finding that tree! I have yet to snag one for myself….I know how pricey they can get, but so worth it! Yours looks gorgeous!


  9. Is sure brings back wonderful memories! It makes me so happy to see that treasures from the past are still enjoyed! And congrats on a ‘cool’ award! I love your blog!


  10. Amazing! How Beautiful! Should be on the cover of a Magazine!…Hey Mary Engelbrieght check this out!


  11. gorgeous!! This is gonna be the first year I am going to use my shiny brites, just hope I am not making a big mistake with 3 kids and a black lab running about the house!


  12. Oh oh oh!!! I love this true!! I love those ornaments but then I also love tree number one!!! I can’t wait to see more!!! How exciting to unwrap all these treasures each year….magical!!
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


  13. Oh oh oh!!! I love this tree!! I love those ornaments but then I also love tree number one!!! I can’t wait to see more!!! How exciting to unwrap all these treasures each year….magical!!
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


  14. Wow Suzy! I love this tree. I recently put a little silver holographic tree from Michaels in my grandson’s room, with the cast-off shiny brites from the crafting table…a seven year old version of this. lol. I like yours WAY better!! And how you do all that you do AND work fulltime just boggles my mind for yet another year. kudos to you for all that you do!!


  15. Hi
    I love how you did the alum. tree. My gram had ones ages ago and 2 yrs ago same as you I got one with the color wheel. I decorated it with all the ornaments of my grams that I inhearted,it was so pretty.


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