Sequins and Felt

Sequins and felt have been around in the crafting world for a long, long time.  Our mother's and grandmother's crafted with them, and the holidays were a favorite time to combine these two materials.

I have a small collection of vintage Christmas felt/sequins handmade crafts.   I am particularly partial to these, they were all obviously labors of love.  Pretty intricate and time consuming creations. 


This wreath was part of an entire collection of holiday displays that someone unknown created.  I have one for almost every occasion of the year.  One of the offices that I scan at was going to throw them out!  Thank goodness I was there to save them.


Aren't these colors fab-o!



I love this tree skirt.  Who ever created this was a perfectionist.



Sequins are a good look for Santa.     


19 thoughts on “Sequins and Felt

  1. Love that pink and green tree and the tree skirt is colorful and fabulous. Your vintage tree is to die for.


  2. Very cool! I cannot imagine the amount of cool things people have thrown out!!! You will have to check my blog out later this week! I just got a stocking this last week with a BEAUTIFUL sequin reindeer!!


  3. Oh…..I love the felt stuff….I just found some at a thrift store last week. I want the TREE… the colors also.
    My mother started a BEAUTIFUL felt tree skirt….very detailed…..never finished it…sooo sad. Plus the cat with super long hair laid all over it and never could get the hair out of it. sigh…..


  4. My mom made us make the felt/sequin ornaments while we were growing up. I’ll see if I can liberate some for you while I’m at home!


  5. Aw, those sequin decorations are just so sweet! We never had homemade things like these – no money for supplies…I’m gonna search thru my vintage mags again and see if I can find any how-tos.


  6. I used to make the christmas stockings a few years ago from the Bucilla kits, but I have never seen a tree or wreath like that, they are beautiful!! I just put my felted tree skirt under my tree this year…I am trusting that the kids and dog stays away from it, but they seem intriqued by it!


  7. Ok, you are NOT going to BELIEVE this….I just drooled over the felt tree….don’t believe me….read up a few posts….SEE I even commented on it.
    Well yesterday I was at a thrift store and FOUND THE SAME TREE!!!! $1.00!!!! OMG…I about knocked down the other stuff trying to hurry and snatch it. I visit the store at least once a week….and when I walked in yesterday….there it was….I’d almost swear there was a spotlight on it…lol…it was right as you walk in the door hanging on a TREE….
    Now, I wonder if there might be a skirt somewhere in there….


  8. I am such a sucker for felt and sequins! Wowee…you have some amaaazing pieces!!!! too cool!!! I can’t believe they were on their way to the trash! …Meant to be!!


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