Trees 3 & 4

The Space Tree is experiencing technical difficulties so while I sort that out I will skip over to my Elf Tree and the Mushroom Tree.

You know those cute knee hugger elves that you see in every antique mall on the planet?   I devoted an entire tree to them, along with those funny little plastic and felt ornies that were made in Japan years ago for the American market.


I've really stuffed this tree full of elves.


And elves bearing mushrooms.

Which brings us to the Mushroom Tree.


It's a tabletop wire display tree, perfect for this collection.


Mushroom Shiny Brites!


These vintage 'shrooms are special.  They were given to me by Beth's mom.     

9 thoughts on “Trees 3 & 4

  1. I don’t know what it is about these red and white mushrooms, but I absolutely love them. I found a figural mushroom, kind of old, which I knew I should sell on eBay but just … couldn’t. And your tree makes me want even more. They’re just the best. Wonderful collection!


  2. OK now I know what is wrong with decorating, I have no elves, I need elves, elves and tiny bottlebrush trees, I will be a girl on a mission to find them for next year. I won’t have a treeful of gorgeousness like you have by then but one will be a start!! I love the fact you have different trees for different things……so happy!!!
    Christmas Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


  3. Those elves sort of creeped me out until this year. Now, in my old age I guess I’ve mellowed…I picked up THREE of those little guys this year, and think they are wonderful. Isn’t is strange how our tastes change?
    You’ve done a great job getting all those little guys to stay put in such a fun way! 🙂


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