What’s New With You?

Great.  It's here.  2009.  Yeah.  I'm looking forward to this year.  Lot's to do, lot's to accomplish.  Many important events to look forward to this year.  A new baby for my SIL.  Daughter No. 1 will graduate and head off to college just to name a couple.

Christmas was crazy wasn't it?  We had 10 family members here for about a week.  I just let myself relax and enjoy it.  I ended up with 11 trees this year, I know.  Too, too much.  It nearly killed me packing it all up and running all those boxes of two flights of stairs and back into the attic crawl space.  I never finished taking pictures or blogging.  I was too busy enjoying the family.

I'm running over with ideas and motivation and can't wait to get busy.  Here is a sneak peak at what's on my sewing table today.


Looks like a bunch of feedsack ties.  It's really an apron, in progress.

Another year of blogging to look forward to.  Can't wait to see what's new and what everyone is working on.

I'm going to close and go get busy.  Here is a picture of a pin cushion that Beth made for me for Christmas.  Fabulous! 



21 thoughts on “What’s New With You?

  1. Happy New year!
    That apron and that pincushion look wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to in 2009 !


  2. Happy Happy New Year! I hope 2009 brings you many wonderful things!
    11 trees! Wow! We had 4 this year. (and they’re all still up. I won’t take them down for a bit yet)
    Love the apron and the darling pincushion!
    ~Cerri xo


  3. Hi Suzy,
    Your apron is so pretty! Love those cute prints.
    And that pincushion…Oh my! Nobody does pincushions like Beth. Fabulous! So perfect with the little sewing machine.
    Kimberly 🙂


  4. Love the spools and paper umbrellas…what a happy shot. Beth’s pincushions are amazing…I never get my timing right when she posts them on Etsy to get one…maybe 2009 will be my lucky year!


  5. Happy New Year, please pass some motivation and inpspiration my way, I think my mind is having a little holiday all of it’s own. That apron looks pretty gorgeous and I think you should always have 11 trees so I can admire them and be jealous but not have to lug any decorations away myself.
    Hope you had a wonderful New Years Day…it is important for the rest of the year apparently!
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage at home.


  6. Oh my goodness, I’ve missed a lot the last few weeks! I am LOVIN your Christmas trees and decor! That tree stand is to die for and the ornaments are all wonderful! I, unfortunately have never been able to sew much to my mother’s disapointment, but I just got my 10 yr. old daughter a sewing machine for Christmas! She wants to learn how to sew so badly, esp. after looking at all of your wonderful things! She also got some retro apron patterns which she adores! My mom is supposed to come over this weekend and work on it with her ;o) I have a whole pile just waiting to be hemmed…


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