What to Pick?

I was asked by Vicki to write about favorite finds for 2008.  So I had to think about it.  There were plenty of things to write about.  I'm always looking. 

I have to say, I think my favorite find for 2008 isn't a "thing", it's a place.


This wonderful place is  Suzanna's Antiques.   Susie and Anna have the most fabulous store full of treasures in Raleigh, NC.  Mary pointed me in their direction since my travels often take me through North Carolina. 


You will meet the nicest ladies there.


Susie's daughter Jenny  has started a blog for them so check it out and definitely get over there in 2009. 

Absolutely my favorite find for 2008!

4 thoughts on “What to Pick?

  1. Such a sweetie!! I was so excited by your post I could not find the phone quick enough to call mom!! Thank you for your sweet words!! I would like to link to this post on Suzanna’s if that is okay?


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