New Year, New Decor

What is it about a new year rolling over that stimulates all those anal tendencies to organize, clean and rearrange?

I totally redid the decor on the wall in my kitchen.  It was looking like this.


I'm trying to stream line my knick knacks.  I'm looking forward to a big yard sale this year.


MrPeachez says the pig butts have to go.  Ok, they can go to the laundry room, which is undergoing a major overhaul right now.   Just waitin' on the guy from Craig's list to get back to me about the desk he's got that I want.

Those dang cubes took me two hours to hang and they still came out uneven.  I like precision in my cubes, not this chaos!  I was using templates, levels and everything.   Never again. 

19 thoughts on “New Year, New Decor

  1. Hey I have those Pig’s mine are green and have small flea bites so I just had to keep them. And they too are in my Kitchen. Everything looks wonderful!
    Hugs, Diane


  2. The new look for the New Year looks terrific! Good job! I hate trying to hang stuff like that too-I know what you mean.
    Have a wonderful week!


  3. Let me know about the yard sale! I’ll be there. The wall looks great. I know what you mean about trying to hang that darn stuff. I avoid it at all costs.


  4. They look even to me, and what kind of guy notices itty bitty pig butts?? I didnt until you mentioned it! Then I said where are they, and looked and looked, found them,,,,, and said, Oh how STINKIN’ cute!! he he he.


  5. It’s nice to know that I am not the only one feeling like remodeling or change. And don’t fill bad it took me and my other half three hours to hang tow cabinets. Plus I now have six new holes to fill on the wall.
    I finally had to say something at the third hole, and mine didn’t come out even either.
    Happy New Year!


  6. Hey Suzy! I just found your blog and am laughing so hard about your previous post – the one about “somebody” breaking your flower pot…! I live with several dogs and cats and I don’t think a day goes by that something doesn’t get broken – it’s quite frustrating but that’s what happens when we choose to live with critters! 🙂


  7. I’ve been doing the same thing-rearranging- hanging-and using levels, etc.- only when I hang something- it is either too high or too low. The man in this house goes nuts when we paint the walls because that is when he discovers how many times it took me to hang what we’d just taken down. I think your boxes look great!
    p.s. We’ve actually met at Blackeyed Susan’s Kitchen! I have one of your purses- and I love it!


  8. Doing the same thing around here. Rearranging, tweaking and paring down. Love to make those changes. I remember trying to hang things evenly in the would take forever, and in the end, nothing was ever even. The one time I hung three signs perfectly aligned, someone came in and bought two within a few minutes. I almost didn’t want to sell them. Very frustrating!
    ♥, Susan


  9. I love the cubes and colors…you are inspiring,Girl!
    Don’t you just want to fling open the doors and freshen every corner of the house!!!
    Looks like we’ve all been struck with
    Early Onset Spring Fever!
    Keep blossoming,Sweets.


  10. Don’t do it, don’t do it. Two years ago I got rid of almost every vintage thing I owned because my daughter said “You know Mom, Chris and I don’t really like “cute”.” To which I replied, “You mean you don’t want all these adorable felt ornaments I made representing every country your Dad has been to? What about this, and this, and this. You could get money for these!” It never occured to me that I could just have them for myself. Now a new craftroom and the beginnings of more stuff, this time for me! Elizabeth


  11. Well, I do agree with Elizabeth, with the exception of big green pottery fireplaces (lol,wink at Elizabeth), because I’ve had some regrets on things I’ve gotten rid of definitely. But then there’s quite a happy medium too. I used to almost be drowning n collections, etc., and even my mind was cluttered from it I think! I actually talked hubby into smaller house, which forced me to “thin out.” Now that I would recommend! It honestly simplified my life in the most splendid way.
    Anyway, if you begin selling stuff on Etsy, at least you’ll know some of your treasures aren’t falling in a big black hole, but rather some of your friends that will take tender loving care of them. :o)


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