Laundry Room Redo is DONE

My junky waste of a space laundry room is no more.  A fresh coat of paint on the walls and the cabinets, new curtains for the laundry closet, some new furniture and it's been transformed into a sunny, bright and pleasant space. 

Just scroll down to yesterday's post to see the before.  shudder.

Here is a reminder.


My laundry room is just down a short hall from my kitchen.


I took away an old bookshelf and added the wall of cubbies with fabric drawers. 


New curtains for the window are from Cath Kidston fabric.  I took down the brown bifold louvered doors that covered the closet where the washer and dryer reside.  They were always open and they stuck out into the room eating up valuable space.  These are shower curtains from Target hung on a shower rod and they easily slide open and closed.  The perfect solution.


I made this clock many years ago.  It was a craft project that was in one of the earliest issues of Mary Englebreit's Home Companion  Magazine.  It has hung in the kitchen of every house where I have lived since.  Now it looks great in the laundry room.


I repainted these cabinets and also the hardware.  I have a utility sink in the corner, a plant stand for houseplants that live inside during the cold months.  This dresser I painted a few years ago for one of the daughters rooms.  Now it is for storage and a great place to keep my steam press handy.  Luv my steam press.


There is just one thing wrong with this picture.  That black hamper.  Black.  Won't do.  I'm going to have to change that. 


This desk is the piece that jump started the redo.  I got the desk and chair on Craig's List.  I'd been contemplating the redo for some time, going back and forth.  Should I do cabinets and a long countertop, or file drawers with a counter on top?  I wanted to have a place for my laptop.  Even though we have a home office upstairs, we use the laptop frequently.  I take it on the road with me always, but when I'm home it get's a lot of use and I wanted it close to the kitchen.  In the end getting a desk seemed the most practical and economical solution.  And I love the cubbies.  I have those in my sewing studio too.

Also check out my GIVEAWAY here.  Leave a comment on that post by next Friday, the 16th and I will randomly pick a winner on Saturday for the apron. 

I'm hitting the road again today, off to see my BFF!

32 thoughts on “Laundry Room Redo is DONE

  1. It’s wonderful. I love it. I love all the color. What a fun space. I am super jealous- my washer sits between the stove and fridge in my kitchen and the dryer is on the back porch. It’s actually classier than it sounds 🙂 Ha!


  2. It’s darling! Love what you’ve done with it. So Cheery. Now not only will you smile every time you go into the laundry room, but you’ll smile every time you get a glimpse of it from the kitchen 🙂


  3. What a great room! My laundry room has three doors in it and is just big enough for the washer and dryer and room for the doors to swing. But its IN THE HOUSE so I’m not complaining! Cute redo!!


  4. Wow..that was one quick redo! You post one day that it is in the works and with the wave of a magic wand (and I am sure alot of hard work) on your next post it is transformed! Great job, it looks amazing…happy and bright…doing laundry will always bring a smile to you face!


  5. You Go Girl! So Beautiful! I love the use of color and the mix of Vintage! As I said before…Hey HGTV…check this out!


  6. You’ve been working hard! It looks fantastic. You’ve inspired me to get busy and transform my bland little laundry room. Love the cubbies. I also like the little shelves over the desk for your pretties.


  7. What a transformation – so inspiring!! You’re bringing the fun back to “fun”ctional, Suzy!! Should make doing laundry at least a tad bit more fun, huh? Great color choices and fun accessories – LOVE it!
    Hugs and Blessings,
    Becky S.


  8. What is that color of paint you used on your walls, and who makes it? It look slike just the color I want to use in my guest room.


  9. Hi. I just discovered your blog via Nostalgia at the Stonehouse. I really love your laundry room re-do. Looks lovely. I think I’d want to be doing laundry all day long if it meant spending time in that room. Will be back to visit again soon.


  10. Your laundry room is simply picture perfect. What a great transformation. I’d hang out there and do a few loads of laundry anytime!


  11. So jealous!!!
    I’m looking into decluttering our multi-purpose kitchen space and trying to gather ideas.
    What brand is that cubby unit?


  12. Hi Tara,
    Im sorry its taken me so long to respond.My paint cans arekept in the garage and its been SO cold I did not want to go out there anddig around!
    The paint is from Lowes – American Tradition. I dont have the name of the color butthe number is 5006-9B.
    I hope that is helpful.
    xo, suzy


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