Fabric Drawer Label How To for DIY January

It is still DIY January over here at chez GeorgiaPeachez.  That would be "Declutter It Yourself" January. 

The laundry/mud room is now pretty and organized but I have a few projects to share with you this month to "fine tune" and organize the clutter.

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I have in my newly redone laundry/mud room a wall of cubbies, just like the cubbies I have in my studio.  You can purchase great fabric drawers made just to use with these cubbies.  Since I am sharing these cubbies with the family in the laundry room I wanted to make some labels so they would easily be able to find what they need when they need it.


To make labels like these you will need some pretty paper, (I used vintage wallpaper), lightweight cardboard (you can use a cereal box or anything), spray adhesive, clear vinyl (I used the vinyl packaging that the drawer came in) and an eyelet kit.


I made a template first on paper.  My shape is oval with scallops and I just drew it freehand. 

Cut a piece of decorative paper and cardboard just slightly bigger than your template.

Using the spray adhesive glue the paper and cardboard together.

Trace your template pattern onto the wrong side of the cardboard and cut it out.


Then using a business card, cut a piece of the vinyl about 1/4 inch larger than the card.


Stitch this down to your paper covered piece of cardboard stitching on three sides leaving the top open. 


I put the label for the contents of the drawer on the back of the business card and slip it into the vinyl pocket.

Following the instructions with the eyelet kit, attach the label to your fabric drawer placing one eyelet on each horizontal end.  This part was a little tricky.  I used a phillips screwdriver to punch the holes for the eyelets and scissors to enlarge and trim it before inserting the eyelets.

All done!


17 thoughts on “Fabric Drawer Label How To for DIY January

  1. Brilliant! I knew I’ve saved all that vinyl packaging for a reason. And I DO own an eyelet setter. Now, if I could just get off the computer, I could get organzied as well.


  2. What a wonderful idea, Suzy! January seems to be the month all the magazines are suggesting we “organize ourselves, as well as our homes. And this “thrifty” idea is just what we need to get started!


  3. My my, I really hope to be that organized this year. And I LOVE those labels, a whole lot better than my little labelmaker prints out!


  4. I like all the recycled goodies you used in this project. And I’ll put an eyelet in pretty much anything because I love putting in eyelets. So – great project for me!


  5. Practical and pretty, what a great combination! Did you get those colorful bins at Target?


  6. Hi Suzy-
    It was really nice to meet you too! I wish we could have spent more time together but hopefully @ the next Big Flea we’ll be able to chat more.
    I did find some things at the Big Flea but not around the area at Antique Malls and such – Everything is more than I charge for it already! Maybe on the way home tomorrow I’ll find some deals- Ah, the hunt:)
    Have a nice week and thanks again!


  7. What a fabulous idea! Lots of recycling and they’re pretty! Much prettier than my address label, labels, which I’m thinking will be needing to be replaced now. Thanks for sharing this!
    Cathy 🙂


  8. It is so cool to see you repurposing the vinyl! You came up with something cool and did not have a lot of trash. This is a cool idea.


  9. Very nice! And it could be glued onto those cardboard magazine holders. Just cover them with fabric and add your nice little label and my quilting magazines would be easier to find. Thank you so much for sharing!


  10. Very nice idea, I printed it off to save in my treasure trove of shared ideas from genius bloggers! Love your blog, I’m a newbie and enjoy your finds very much. Your thrift stores are MUCH better than are mine, but I still love to hunt!


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