Vintage Jewelry Posies

Last weekend I traveled up to the Wash, DC 'burbs for a play date with Beth.   The occasion was the first BIG FLEA of 2009. 

We both found some good stuff, vintage jewelry, buttons and fabrics. 

I saw a lot of vintage hat pins this time and they inspired me to put together vintage jewelry and beads to make these pretty posies.



Just for fun! 

11 thoughts on “Vintage Jewelry Posies

  1. Super pretty Suzy. Lately I would almost KILL to have the time to create like that (I currently have 2 grands full time.) Oh well, guess for a while I’ll be happy just looking at yours and others’ creative endeavors. 🙂


  2. OMG, I first found your blog when you had went to one of those Big Flea’s and I said I would go, forgot and have missed another one. 😦 Note to self, must mark calendar for future events. 🙂


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