Saturday Shopping Find

It's well known in my neighborhood, among the birds and the squirrels that GeorgiaPeachez puts out a fine spread in the backyard.

I've got two big feeder poles with multiple feeders for black oil sunflower, peanuts and suet.  I've got feeders for clingers, cardinals, songbirds and woodpeckers.  Despite the squirrel stalking terrier that resides at my house, the squirrels come in droves to gather beneath the feeders.

I've also got assorted birdhouses around so that come spring we will have lots of new residents. 

I've recently added a new birdhouse to the yard and it came from Maine and was handmade by the seller BearPaw Rustics.


I love how they used a tree ear to make a little awning for the opening.  This house is incredibly sturdy, I was really impressed when I opened my package and took this out.  I think the birds are going to be fighting over who gets residence in this one.

There is a nice variety of bird houses in their Etsy shop.


Round birdhouse made of jute, pine needles and moss

I love all the natural materials that go into making these.


Round birdhouse with driftwood awning

In addition to the birdhouses they also have other rustic decor including coat racks and plant stands.  Great stuff for your garden. 

I'm daydreaming of spring already.  

6 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping Find

  1. These are very wonderful birdhouses and so natural looking. I have a few feeders also and my husband says they are not birdfeeders they are squirrel feeders because of the multitude of squirrels underneath the feeders.
    I love your blog and have listed you in my favorites.


  2. Love those birdfeeders, very cool design! I started to put some out last year. I hope to add some more this spring since we live in the pacific northwest in a forest we get to see a lot of birds, well and other critters too. But it is so fun!Oh dear spring please hurry up and come! LOL~Smiles~Tam!


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