One World – One Heart Giveaway

Better late than never, with only about 11 days left I am throwing my "purse" into the ring and participating in the giveaway at  One World – One Heart


The main goal of this event is to celebrate the sharing that goes on through blogging.  Lisa says it best herself:

"The whole idea behind doing this and trying to get as many as possible to join in, was and is to meet new and wonderful people. Bloggers come from all walks of life, all socioeconomic backgrounds, all areas of the world, female, male……some are artists exclusively, some dabble, some are professionals in various areas, some are stay at home parents, some are teachers, some are very young and some are up in years. The common denominator in blogging is that we all have stories to tell….be it through visual means or life stories or the day-to-day or art work or handwork of varying kinds or poetry and journaling.  We can be inspired or inspire others by finding a blog and taking the time to read/see someones story. Often times a spark happens….this palpable spark of recognition through kindred understanding and shared passions in life. It is in those times when we take a moment to comment and comment again…….when those comments are reciprocated a discovery is made that we share commonalties which connect us sight unseen.  Sometimes we may live on separate continents or at either end of the same country or even discover you hail from the same general area. By paying attention, by connecting with others, we are creating a circle of amazing individuals who can literally enhance our lives and we can enhance theirs."

My giveaway is open to anyone but you must leave a comment on this post and you must leave an email or link so that I can get back in touch with you.

For my giveaway I have a small zippered purse that I have created from vintage barkcloth, fully lined with an interior pocket and also with a beaded zipper pull.  Included also is a brooch made from vintage buttons.


Comments will be accepted until February 11 and the winner to be announced on the 12th.

Pop over to the OWOH blog and on the sidebar you will find links to the over 700!! participants and you can leave a comment for their giveaways.


364 thoughts on “One World – One Heart Giveaway

  1. What a lovely give-away!! Please count me in! If you haven’t entered my give-away, please stop by my blog (lucky #1/
    and enter to win one of my two prizes! Thank you for participating in this fabulous event, and very nice to meet you 🙂
    Peace & Love
    Shariyah (from Waiheke Island, NZ)


  2. I would love te chance to be entered in your contest. hank you for havingthis giveaway.


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