10 thoughts on “Burning through those Back Burner Projects

  1. Finally a day to catch up on my favorite blogs! You offer the most amazing decorating ideas! Do you know how much cuter my home is because of you? I am doing things I never would have imagined. I have hung up vintage bird mitten rackets. I now have a lamp made from an old electric meter. I am going to take apart our old ladder and hang it on the wall! Thanks for your creativity! E


  2. Cool photos with the words on them!! I have been taking care of stuff at the shop.. After all if two of the coolest bloggers are visiting I need to make it worthy!! hehehe!!


  3. Thank you! You have such great ideas. I have something similar sitting in the garage I bought a few months ago. Maybe now you have motivated me to finish doing something with it! I LOVE the two color effect! Off to take a look at it – mine is bigger though so I don’t think it will be a kitchen item. But maybe in the master bath?


  4. Great junk store make over!!!! I love it. Just my kinda thing. I may have to paint the little crate I found out treasure hunting this weekend.


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